Thursday, September 22, 2016

Diamante poem

Diamante Poem
WALT entertain the reader - Diamantes are diamond-shaped poems ‘that contrast’ two nouns.
Success Criteria:
Step 1:  Think of two nouns that are complete opposite of each other.  Write one on Line 1 and the other on Line 7.
Step 2:  On Line 2, write two adjectives that describe the noun on Line 1.
Step 3:  On Line 3, write three “-ing” words (verbs) that relate to Line 1.
Step 4:  On Line 4, write a short phrase about line 1 and line 7.
Step 5:  On Line 5, write three “-ing” words (verbs) that relate to Line 7
Step 6:  On Line 6, write two adjectives that describe the noun on Line 7.
Step 7:  On Line 7 you will have your noun that you thought of in Step 1.

Frosty, bright
Skiing, snowball fighting, sledding
Icicles and snowflakes, family holidays
Swimming, suntanning, sweltering
Hot, sunny


Shiny, mags
Smoking, zooming, roaring
Burning petrol...never in the rain  
Grinding, scooting, moving
Colours, logos

Cool, hard
Freezing, floating, melting
Making puddles...heating up
Smoking, burning, filtering
Hot,  smokey

Monday, July 4, 2016

Animal Report

WALT write a Report
Purpose: To inform and entertain

Content & Ideas
  • Add details to tell the reader more about each category
  • Write information that you think would be important to the reader.
Sentence Formation
  • I write sentences that make sense
  • My sentences vary in their beginnings
  • Use specific vocabulary
  • Write descriptive vocabulary - these words put a picture into the reader’s mind
  • I will follow my plan
  • Write facts into categories - write subheadings
  • Introduce each category with a ‘topic’ sentence.
  • I will write essential list 1 - 4 spelling words correctly.  
  • I will use my phonics knowledge to help me spell unknown words.
  • I will use capital letters, commas and full stops correctly.

The Viperay.
Introduction - what is it?
The viperay is an interesting creature which is not often seen in the daytime. The scientific name of the viperay is the viper sting.

Description - What does it look like?
The two colours of the vipereye ensure that it is camouflaged in daylight hours. On top of the viperay it is dark gray like a wet stone and on the bottom of it is oige red. It. has a forkt tang like a viper but it has a mouth like a stingray with big viper fangs. The body is 3m long like the viper body and 10cm wide. On the first of the viper body it’s got pectoral fin.

Habitat - Where does it live?
Australia’s freshwater rivers is where the viperay lives, and sleeps in the trees by the rivers.

Behaviour - What does it do?
It lurks  around at the bottom of the river in the day time. When something goes over it, it pounces at the base of that creature.  At night the viperay slithers up on to the river bake and then up the trees and it  wraps its tail around a Bach. On land the viperay tail can sting like a stingray but a lot worse,  the sting can tranquilize .  

Diet - What does it eat?
The viperay diet is adult eels and humans, but when it is starving it eats any wild animals by the river bank.

Interesting Facts
When the river dries out the viperay can live up to  25 days without any water.

The viperay is feared by people and any other creature that comes across it 24 hours a day. If you touch its tail you will get stung and eaten. So when you are camping by a fresh water river always check for viperays before you set up camp.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning Blog Post

Step One
Selecting a context
Lost in the Bush
Save the Bush
Fun in the Bush
Step Two & Three
Create questions and identify one broad question
What was your broad question?
How would you contact people when you are lost in the bush.
Step Four
What did I already know about my question?
  1. You would have no cellphone coverage
  2. Lose battery life and you wouldn’t be able to charge it
  3. Dove
  4. Get a mirror and reflect It off the sun
Step Five
Design your creation
This is my plan.
Step Six
Build your creation
This is my creation.
 Ruby and Jack's PBL.JPG
The night before, Dad and I prepared the box to be assembled at school.
When we assembled it at school it worked really well except we put one of the boards in the wrong place, it was really hard trying to screw through the whiteboard lid.  We used the hot glue gun and screws. I found the morse code on the internet so I decided to put it on the end of the box so that people could know the code.
Step Seven
How did it go?We worked well together and we finished our creation
What went well?It fitted together properly
What was a challenge?Screwing through the metal to put the handle on was hard.I had to use my whole body pushing down on the screwdriver.
Step Eight
What would you change next time?We could make the flame container wider
What would you improve next time?We would change the materials and use all metal and not wood
Feedback - ask some other children what they thought?
Lucian - the plan was really good and you could follow every step of what they were doing.
Nathan -  I liked how you explained how the morse code worked. Your creation looked exactly like your plan.
Jayden - I think it was a good plan,. I liked how you did the signals.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

My second time at Omatua was lots of fun and different because this time there were more people so the boys had to sleep in the noisy hall. There was a noisy old fridge that kept all the boys awake. About every twenty seconds it groaned and whined like a sea lion.
The best part was kayaking up and down the river because the current was
quite strong.
I had a race with Nathan. We had to kayak down to a set of parents and then back up to another set. Nathan couldn’t get his kayak moving into the current so he jumped out and pulled the kayak up the river. But  I still won.
I liked making the bivouac with my team for the technology challenge. In my team was Declan, Charlotte, Kalae and me.  We had to use a tarpaulin, a rope, rocks and pegs and whatever else we could find. We used another tarpaulin for the floor.
I didn’t really like the Omatua Stew because I didn’t like the flavour of the beef gravy my group had.
Omatua Stew.JPG

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Fishing story

WALT help people look after our fish
Purpose: Inform
Success Criteria
  1. Think carefully about the kai moana song - it had all the main points.  Here are some key words for you to think
  2. Kai moana food from the sea
           Kai moana to feed the family
           Fish for the future and there will always be more
           Kai Moana for you and me

  • We’ll catch a snapper for the cooler, but don’t forget the ruler
  • If the snapper is too wee it will never grow to be, a mummy or a daddy who can breed
  • Wouldn’t it be cool if every kiwi kid knew how to catch a kai
  • If you’re fishing from a boat and you want to keep afloat, teach some water safety lessons to your dad - life jacket, where are you going?, when will you return?, beacon and a flare
  • Join a fishing club - take some ice to keep your kai moana nice
You need to add detail around all of these points about why we need to think about ‘fish for the future’ and ‘water safety’.  Each main point needs a paragraph and then the detail.  Change the words that I’ve given you otherwise it is PLAGIARISM...
You will need to decide a title for your story...
We will decide the rest of the criteria when I come back to class

My Fishing trip.

lt is the first day of the Christmas Holidays and we are going fishing.  Dad opened the garage door and got the boat out.  While Dad was doing that I got the radio, big flare, a little flare, beacon, some  fishing rods and life jackets out. After that I made sure the bungs were tight and then Dad told mum  that we would be back at 5 to 5 thirty, then we drove to the harbour and launched the boat.

We put our life jackets on, Dad started the engine and we set off to our secret fishing location. After we baited our lines and cast them, we waited and waited for a bite, then at last a fish latched on! I lifted the rod and reeled it in as fast as I could. It was a big gurnard that didn’t want to be caught. This was a fight between boy and fish, and I was determined the boy was going to win. I yelled to Dad to get the net and wet towel while I brought the fish in by myself. It was important to use a wet towel because if you use your hands they will rub a protective layer off the fish and they can get infected and die.  I felt glad when Dad scooped the fish up into the boat. It was good because it wasn’t too big or too small when we measured it and I put it in the chilly bin for dinner.  If the fish is big it could have babies and then if you take it, the babies won’t live and so the fish will slowly become extinct if quite a few people do it.

I re baited my hook and cast the fishing line. Dad got the next bite, he was so excited that he reeled in so fast that you could barely see his hand. l grabbed the net and the wet towel, it was a John Dory. When we got it in the boat, it was flapping around wildly, dad picked it up and measured it.  It was the right size, so he whacked it on the head with a piece of wood and put it in the chilly bin with the gurnard that we caught earlier.

In our boat we always have a beacon, big flare and a little flare because if you get in trouble the beacon with fall in the sea and send a signal to a satallite in space, then to the closest police station. The police would call the search and rescue team to look for you.

At the end of the day we came back on time. I hope you are safe on the sea too..  


Friday, December 4, 2015

Calendar Art

In Room 12 for our calendar art we did footprint and hand-print art.  We had to look up footprint art  on our chromebooks to get inspiration for it.  Here are is my inspiration.

So l did a picture of two penguins but with a background.
What l did for my background was some hills covered in snow and a river.
Here is a what it ended up to be.

How to make a picture like mine:

Step 1: draw the top line with a pencil.
Step 2: draw the bottom line with the pencil.
Step 3: draw the river with pencil.
Step 4: paint your feet with black paint then put you feet tops on the bottom line
Step 5: dye on top of the top line.    
Step 6: Colour on the black feet write crayons in the middle.         
Step 7: Out line the pencil with vivid.
Step 8: do the detail on the penguins.
Step 9:  draw floating ice in the river.
Step 10: colour in the river with dark blue pencil.
Step 11: dye on the top line.   

l am proud of my end product and my challenge was
dying around the black feet.

Monday, September 14, 2015

tem3 week 6

Aliens are real.

I strongly believe there aliens are real

Aliens are real because they is no real signs that aliens are not real.  Alien live in a different universes from us. Alien can look like human. Aliens Heads business technology so they can can invisdill.

Aliens are looking down the woo the time because  aliens hair excellent ice but we can not see aliens. Alien go invisible when People see them because they don't want anyone seeing them.

People  think Aliens are on Evil becaus they have never seen them. People sed things to see if alien are real but the aliens quickly get off the plane and came back to the planet  

Aliens are looking down the woo the time because  aliens hair excellent ice but we can not see aliens. Alien go invisible when People see them because they don't want anyone seeing them.
here is same pichos

Aliens are looking down the woo the time because  aliens hair excellent ice but we can not see aliens. Alien go invisible when People see them because they don't want anyone seeing them.
here is same pichos